fag bearing FAQS

QWhat is about the NACHI piston pump equipment, piping considerations?

A1. Use a flexible coupling for the coupling of the drive shaft and the pump shaft. Do not add radial and axial pressure to the pump shaft. 2. The fault of the drive shaft and the pump shaft is below 0.05mm, and the angle error is within 1°. 3. The coupling is connected to the pump shaft. Some lengths are at least two-thirds of the total length of the coupling. 4. The oil pump and the motor connection flange should have the strength. 5. The self-priming pressure of the oil pump is -0.03MPa or more (the suction port flow rate is within 2m/sec). 6. Some drain pipes are lifted above the uppermost part of the pump, and the folded back part should be directly returned to the oil tank. Others, the oil drain back pressure should be below 0.1MPa.

QHow to Maintenance and Fault of RexrothRix Oil Pump?

ASlant plate lizle pump maintenance is generally used in the form of cylinder body movement, end side flow. The end of the cylinder body is inlaid with a friction pair consisting of a bimetallic plate and a steel pan, and it is mostly a flat flow type, so the maintenance is convenient. The oil distribution pan is one of the components of the repair of the Lisler oil pump. When the pump is done, on the one hand, the high-pressure oil in the workroom pushes the cylinder to the oil distribution pan, and on the other hand, the pressure of the oil film between the oil distribution pan and the cylinder body forms the cylinder. The hydraulic thrust of the cylinder body deviates from the oil distribution pan. The assumed hydraulic pressure compaction Fn for the cylinder is slightly greater than the hydraulic thrust FF for the cylinder, IE fn/ff = 1.05 ~ 1.1, making the pump general and linking higher volume efficiency.

QWhat is the Parker pump advantage?

AParker pump adopts a new technology with the international advanced level of 90 years-double arc sinusoidal tooth arc. Compared with involute gear, the most prominent advantage is that there is no relative sliding of the tooth profile during gear meshing. Therefore, the tooth surface has no wear, balance of operation, no sleepy fluid phenomenon, low noise, long life, and high efficiency. This pump is free from the bondage of traditional design, which makes the gear pump enter a new field in design, production and use. Parker pump is provided with a differential pressure type safety valve as overload protection, safety valve full reflux pressure for the pump rated discharge pressure 1.5 times. It can also be adjusted as required within the allowable discharge pressure range. However, this relief valve can not work for a long time, and can be installed on the pipeline when necessary. The shaft end seal of the pump is designed in two forms, one is mechanical seal and the other is packing seal, which can be determined according to the specific use situation and user requirements.

QWhat is about Grinding Heat of FAG Bearing

AIn the grinding process of FAG bearings, the grinding wheel and the workpiece contact area consumes a lot of energy and produces a lot of grinding heat, resulting in a local instantaneous high temperature in the grinding area. Using the theoretical formula of heat transfer of linear motion heat source to derive, calculate or apply infrared method and thermocouple method to measure the instantaneous temperature under experimental conditions, it can be found that the instantaneous temperature in the grinding area in 0.1 to 0.001 MS can be as high as 1000 to 1500 °C. Such instantaneous high temperatures are sufficient to produce high temperature oxidation, amorphous tissue, high temperature tempering, secondary quenching, and even burn cracking at a certain depth of the working surface.